[24 June 2022]...

Somali Greenpeace Assocaition feels honoured to have been part of the panel discussion on Empowering African Youth Voices for a peaceful and climate resilient future in the Egypt. The meeting was attended by the executive director,Hassan M.Yasin,who highlighted the initiatives the Somali youth are taking to combat climate change crisis in Somalia at the AswanForum in Egypt. He also expressed how best the youth initiatives can and should be supported.

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[17 June 2022]...

Somalia hosted the first environmental summit of its kind at its heart Mogadishu on the 15th and 16th of June to bring academicians,researchers,students and climate activists. Mogadishu Environmental Summit,a platform that brought together numerous sectors in combatting climate issues and environmental related problems in Somalia, a problem that has developed a trend of re-occurence in the last 3 decades has shed light on the plight of the somali people .Somali Greenpeace Association executive director, Hassan M.Yasin was part of the invited guest of honors and has highlighted how the Somali youth are part of the solutions in tackling climate change and environmental degradations.

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[06 June 2022]...

Somali Greenpeace Association in collaboration with OXFAM conducted a one day workshop to celebrate and raise awareness on the environment in Mogadishu. World environment day celebrated on every 5th June worldwide is a reminder of how much we should appreciate our environment. The themes selected to represent each year for the last decade show how delicate and fragile it is becoming. ''Nature deserves to be nurtured and cared for,after all,it takes of us too when we need it the most,''said Khalid M.Abdille,Programme Manager of Somali Greenpeace Association at the workshop.

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[26 May2022]...

Local youth gather in the monthly informal pep talk show named 'Popcorn and Environment' meant to increase the awareness of the local youth on the climate issues happening within their society and around them throughout the world. Mr Hassan M.Yasin was the guest of honour of the May monthly talk of the show. He was acccompanied by the communication officer of the organization Mr Abdishakur A. Mohamud on the event. They encouraged the creators of the show to keep up the good work and reach the rural communities if they can.

[25 May2022]...

''We calls for delivery of promised $100 billion a year in climate finance and more progress on loss and damage at Stockholm forum'' voice of Mr Yasin. Somali Greenpeace Association's director affirms his stand on the promises being made every now and then but withour execution. He says he wants to see the promised money being delivered and more being done and actions taken at the Stockholm forum.

[25 May2022]...

Mr Abdishakur A. Mohamud and Mr Khalid M.Abdille represented Somali Greenpeace Assocation in a 3 day capacity building session on organizational communication which was held for Somali CSOs to boost their reach.The objective of the training was to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop effective communication competences and provide the participants with relevant information regarding different forms of communication and their appropriate use.

The training-workshop was attended by twelve (12) civil society organizations comprising of various sections.

[19 May2022]...

Hassan M.Yasin debriefs more than 50 civil societies during the Stockholm50 youth consultation in Somalia on how the Somali Youth are engaging in the international negotiations. He emphasized on the opportunities the Somali youth have to tackle their problems and how they can be role-players in the solution. He iterated that the Somali youth make up 70% of the population and with the right skills and tools,they can make the differnece.

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[17 May2022]...

Ahead of the Sustainable Energy for All in Kigali, Somali Greenpeace Assocation,Programme Manager, Khalid M.Abdille takes part in the Youth Advocacy Clinic: Just & Inclusive Energy Transition for young African activists who have become powerful global voices calling for governments to advance just and equitable energy transitions to step-up ambition and accelerate progress hosted by Carnegie Mellon University Africa in collaboration with Pan African Climate Justice Alliance and World Resources Institute.

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[11 May2022]...

In a two day consultation, Office of the Prime Minister Directorate of Environment & Climate Change, SIDA, UNDP and Local CSO and Somali NGO's concluded by joining our voices together to demand climate justice ahead of the Stockholm+50 to be hosted in Stockholm early June. Somali Greenpeace Association had the opportunity to brief the participants on its views and how the somali youth see the fight with the climate problems in the somali peninsula. We also highlighted the nature based solutions available in general that can be integrated to the system in addition to the voices calling for climate justice.

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[28 April 2022]...

Mr Hassan M.Yasin participates in the African Regional Conference on Loss and Damages and Climate finance in Malawi. ''Can humanitarian assistance be considered as climate finance?'' one of the issues the executive director of Somali Greenpeace Association has raised in the conference when addressing some of the losses and damages Somalia is suffering as result of climate change impacts. It is time to reconsider our priorities and actions. No more sugar-coating the climate crisis with humanitarian aid. Humanitarian aid is a geographical based occurence but climate crisis affects us all and the more we ignore it the more the problems escalate.

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[28 March 2022]...

Somali people have the right to get climate justice and get compensated to the loss and damages caused by climate change impacts. In a two day workshop we; Somali Greenpeace Association,Oxfam Somalia,African Youth Commission and Natural Justice, concluded by joining our voices together to demand climate justice The networking and engagement of different civil societies was a learning and experience gaining for all the parties.

[21 March 2022]...

Increased loss of livelihood have led to massive deforestation, worsening climate change impacts. Addressing climate change must be holistic - invest in sustainable jobs including sustainable agro-forest enterprises. In regards to this International Forest Day

Somali Greenpeace Association engaged the grass root levels on the importance of preventing deforestation and planting more trees.

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[16 February 2022]...

Somali Greenpeace Association had the opportunity to facilitate the African Regional Consultation at the Global Youth Environmental Assembly in Nairobi. Assessing the Meaningful inclusion of youth voices in Decision making process in the environmental governance space.

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[16 February 2022]...

Somali Greenpeace Association executive director Mr. Hassan Mowlid yasin met with Mr. Per Linger the ambassador of Sweden to Somalia , UNDP Somalia staff and other Civil society organizations in Somalia. They discussed on how best to achieve on sustainable health planet and @StockholmPlus50 engagement.

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[14 February 2022]...

Somali Greenpeace Association has held the National Youth Environmental Assembly prior to the upcoming Global Youth Environmental Assembly and the UN Environmental Assembly in Nairobi. The event which was hybrid brought together civil society organizations, youth, women and government officials to discuss on the environmental governance, pressuring environmental issues, youth engagement on UN and CYMG of UNEP. Thanks to the great contributions from the attendees such as Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Directorate of Environment OPM, PACJA, UNSOM.

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[22 December 2021]...

Today UrurKaab FCGSweden has visited our HQ office in Muqdisho.The visit was both about capacity assessment and future possible partnership between our two organizations. UrurKaab highlighted the dedication of SOGPA to achieve healthy Sustainable environment in Somalia.

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[03 December 2021]...

Somali Greenpeace Association participated in a 5 day capacity building and cross learning workshop in Ukunda county,Kenya.During the cross learning visit in Kenya, we visited Nbuyuni beach management unit. We learned how they do the sea weed farming, how the local marine protected areas work and how they benefit from the conservation process.

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[23 Novenber 2021]...

Somali Greenpeace Association participated in a 2 day consultative meeting with youth representatives across Somalia to discuss the development of UN Somalia youth strategy from 21-22. The strategy aims to equip the youth with necesary tools for peace and economic prosperity.

In attendance was the Director General of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Somalia

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[18 November2021]...

A training first of its kind on climate change and its impacts has been conducted for the community of Galdogob by Somali Greenpeace Association,a national civil society organisation.The training was held on a time much needed for such kind of awareness and mass education since severe droughts have been reported from various sectors of the country.The training has been attended by the various parts of the community;women, children,youth and men.

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[21 October 2021]...

Somali Greenpeace Association in parnership with African Youth Initiative on climate change and Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, as part of the 15 days of action in countdown to COP26 - UN Climate Change Conference have conducted stakeholders consultation on how to engage the Somali youth in the climate change policy formulation in the capital of Somalia,Muqdisho. More than 50 people participated in this trainings and panel discussion. The participants expressed more of like this event is needed to take place in the country. More than 50 people participated in this trainings and panel discussion. The participants expressed the need for more of events like this to take place in the country.

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[09 September 2021]...

Somali Greenpeace Association in parnership with African Youth Initiative on climate change and Pan African Climate Justice Alliance held a training on Climate Change and its Impacts in Abudwak,Somalia.

The training hosted 50 people from the different sectors of the societies such as local authorities,youth associations,students and elders.The training was part of our ongoing training campaigns and intergenerational dialogues for youth in engaging policy formulation for climate change in Somalia.

We highly thank Farxiyo Jeyte Waddani ,our focal point in Galmudug state, and her team for organizing such a marvellous training.

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[26 August 2021]...

K.M.Abdille, technical advisor and environmental expert at Somali Greenpeace Association participated and presented two day programme organized by the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change FGS.The programme was about workshop consultative dialogue meeting for environmental stakeholders and public policy dialogue on the national-global environmental nexus.

[22 August 2021]...

SOGPA held a training to train 31 people from the various parts of the community mainly youth on the Impacts of climate change on cities. After the training, we had vigorous discussion and a Q&A session on how this impacts could be maintained.

Mr. Hassan Mowlid Yasin, Vice-chairperson of Somali Greenpeace Association met with Mr. Christophe Matthew Hodder, head of UN Environment Programme in Somalia. They have discussed on ways to improve the Environmental and Climate change conditions in Somalia.

SOGPA attended Africa's COP26 Countdown in the Context of COVID 19 Abuja, Nigeria. We highly thank for our partner Pan Africa Climate Justice Alliance for inviting us to the event. It was both learning and voice raising event.

SOGPA Trained more than 30 people on the importance of Managing wastewater and the value it contains.

SOGPA trained coastal communities in Barawe district Somalia. A workshop on the importance of conserving and protecting the marine lives was delivered. Thanks to Fathiya Abdulmajid, Head of Admin and Finance of Pan African Climate Justice Alliance[PACJA] for opening our training Programme.

On the fifth of June 2021, we celebrate world environmental day. As part of the theme of ecosystem restoration, Somali Greenpeace Association has planted 43 trees in Somali National University in Abudwak district of Somalia. The Somali National University in Abudwak was one of the degraded lands in Somalia. These trees would not only restore but also provide food and fruits, It would also provide shade as well prevent soil erosion in the University.

We highly thank the Ministry of Environment and Natural resource in Galmudug State of Somalia for giving us the permission to carry out the restoration activities. We would also thank for the General director of Somali National University in Abudwak, Prof Mohamud Dahir for his support, the teachers and the director of Somali Greenpeace Association Mrs Farhiyo Jayte Shire Wadani and her team in Galmudug state of Somalia for her very hardworking for making this to happen.

SOGPA addresses to young female students as part of its one student one tree initiative to conserve and protect our Biodiversity

Somali Greenpeace Association in Partnership with African youth Initiative on climate change have planted 60 trees in Somali national Police academy. The objective was to engage the police in protecting the environment.

Hassan Mowlid Yasin, vice chairperson of Somali Greenpeace Association attended climate change and covid 19 nexus in Ethiopia. He Has raised climate change issue in Somalia . Thanks to Pan African Climate Justice Alliance for Arranging the event.

Our focal point Ifrah Hassan farah together with the principal and the students of Galdogob primary and secondary school have done tremendous job. They have prepared the land of the school to be planted with trees as part of our campaign of one student one tree planting and environmental education programme. We highly thank the students and the the principal the efforts they are placing on this. Somali Greenpeace Association would continue supporting on this as it takes measures to prevent the COVID19.

Somaliland Climate Action Initiative in Partnership with Somali Greenpeace Association have conducted Nature Based solutions trainings. This training was delivered maximum 20 students from the faculty of environment in University of Hargeisa. This was part of a five day programme that was aimed to raise our climate change issues and implement possible nature based solutions. The last day was practical nature based solutions where 50 trees were planted in the University of Hargeisa, Somalia

Somali Greenpeace Association in Partnership with African Youth Initiative in Climate Change, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, have planted 34 trees in wadajir district Mogadishu Somalia in World Earth day. The event hosted the authority of Wadajir district as well as the community of that district.

Field training on the importance of planting trees in carbon reduction