discussion program on Climate Change, Peace, and Security Nexus in Somalia 

SOGPA partakes in the grand launch of the ACBA platform at APAC in Kigali,Rwanda

SOGPA's Regional director Najma Nor delivers a speech on how tourism can boost the locals' sustainable livelihoods at the NSSCJ's 2nd cohort

SOGPA facilitates the African Regional Consultation at the Global Youth Environmental Assembly in Nairobi

Bringing together civil society organizations, youth, women and government officials to discuss on the environmental governance

SOGPA Engages the police in plant protection and tree planting activities

SOGPA team undertaking Marine litter prevention campaign 

Addressing climate change must be holistic.

How best to achieve on sustainable health planet and @Stockholm+50 engagement

SOGPA consultation with youth in preventing deforestation

SOGPA team showcasing how trees reduce carbon from the atmosphere

SOGPA  launches one student one tree project

SOGPA involving young females in Climate action programmes

SOGPA attending Africa's COP26 Countdown in the Context of COVID19