About US


Somali Greenpeace Association (SOGPA) is civil society nonprofit organization formed to be part of the world in tackling climate change, environmental problems, food security and empowering youth.  SOGPA is committed to promote climate and environmental justice in Somalia. It was formed in 2019 as result of climate change and environmental degradation awareness needed by the Somali People.


The association envisions national environment free from the thread of climate change with sustainable development, equity and justice for all


The Association's mission is to develop and promote pro-poor development and equity based positions relevant for Somalia in the international climate change dialogues, interventions and related processes. 


Climate Change adaptation and Resilience Programmes

Environmental Education and Awareness

Marine and Resource Management

Community Mobilization


Campaigns and Advocacy

Somali Greenpeace Association (SOGPA) is widely known for the incessant campaigns and advocacy on environmental and climate change topics.

Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE)

Climate change education, training, and awareness creation have been the central focus of SOGPA targeting youth and vulnerable communities. We do this through workshops, conferences, and webinars leveraging on our robust online presence.

Tree planting and Ecological restoration

Trees contribute to their environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. Beyond the campaigns and advocacies, our member organizations embark on tree planting and reforestation activities including mangrove restoration along the coast.

Marine Resource Management

Somalia has the longest coastline in mainland Africa with 3333 KM square. This long coastline is facing multiple threats from both local and international communities. Dumping of chemical wastage and illegal fishing from foreign countries and plastic pollution from local communities are common problems. The coastline of Somalia can change the momentum for job creation and livelihood improvements. We are striving to address these issues in various platforms.

Youth Empowerment

More than 70% of the Somali population is youth. Unemployment are major Challenge to us. We are consulting with the youth in achieving health and sustainable environment with dignity jobs.

Biodiversiy Protection

After the collapse of the Somali government,the biodiversity of the Somali peninsula became prone to illegal poaching and trafficking. With no government to neither raise awareness nor protect them most of them migrated to neighbouring countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia. The few that remain have evolved to hide themselves better and develop an elevated sense of protection mechanisms, At Somalia Greenpeace Association we are working on raising the awareness on biodiversity protection among the locals to make them understand the role biodiversity plays in a balanced ecology.


1.    More than 2000 people where thought on what climate change and how it impacts their livelihoods

2.    Communities were enabled to take effective action against environmental degradations in their respective districts

3.    Youth, women, and local people have understood the danger of plastic bags to marine life’s hence taking beach cleaning campaigns

4.    More youth, women, Men and Civil societies are now coming together and addressing climate change issues and climate change induced securities in Somalia

5.    The people whom we trained are re-training others in Baidoa, galodgob and Abudwak.

6.    White paper on environmental peacebuilding and how civil societies in Somalia are responding is developed by Somali Greenpeace Association and FinSom. This white paper has been published in the Geneva peaceweek webstiste

Previous Projects

1.Climate Change and Environmental Education in 2019 to mid 2021 funded by Somali Greenpeace Association.

The Climate Change and environmental education project which was funded by SOGPA with 46,950 USD was about empowering the community, youth, men, women and local authorities to know more about the climate change and environmental problems in Somalia. This project has sensitized more Somali people to address climate change and environmental issues.

2.Intergenerational Dialogue on Youth Engagement in Climate Change Policy Formulation Project in 2021 funded given was 5000 USD by African Youth initiative On Climate Change.

This project was aimed to empower youth to take part the policy dialogues especially on climate change and environmental policies.  The youth were also trained on what climate change is and how the communities can become resilience and adaptable.

3. African Activist For Climate justice (AACJ) Project funded by Pan African Climate Justice Alliance with 400,000 EURO from 2021 to 2025.

The AACJ consortium in Somalia such as SOGPA, OXFAM, Natural Justice, AYC and FEMNET will work through a movement building perspective, with an important focus on increasing the knowledge of existing civil society organizations around climate change and the prospect of climate justice policies. As part of this effort, the broadening of the partner base and the effective linkage of local organizations in Somaliand/Somalia is also fundamental towards movement building. Activities related to this objective include the development of online and offline platforms for sharing knowledge between humanitarian organizations, as well as women, youth and minority groups.


Another priority of the AACJ consortium is to raise awareness amid civil society organizations and ordinary citizens on the concept of climate justice rights, including facilitating the participation of climate activists in discussions on media and policy debates about the importance of climate justice in the regional and national context.  Each organization is given some amount and thus SOGPA is expected to receive 400.000 EURO for the 5 years to implement some of the AACJ activities.

Success stories

1.    People are taking our awareness campaign and more people have started planting trees and environmental education

2.    SOGPA has been invited both virtual and physical international negotiations on Climate Change and participated such  Climate Change and Covid 19 nexus in Addisababa, Road to COP26 in Abuja, UNEA 5.2 preparation with the youth major group and others.

3.    SOGPA has done cross learning with civil societies from Somalia and kenya such as ADESO, Secure fisheries, COMRED, Blue Venture and Maliasili in Kenya. The cross learning visit was about how beach management of Kenya works, how the mangroves are protected and benefits the community. It was also about how marine resources are managed.

SOGPA Principles and Values


• Accountability 

• Volunteerism and Self-help Inclusiveness

 • Fairness and Justice 

• Integrity

• Gender responsiveness 

• Professionalism

• Participatory democracy