Our Strategic Focus

Research, Knowledge Development & Communication

To enhance influence on policy review and change through building the capacity of SOGPA's membership and broader civil society actors to gather, share knowledge, build evidence base on the efficacy of innovative, synergistic, collaborative local action for enhancing community resilience and post-pandemic prosperity through resilient green growth and nature based-based approaches.

Public Engagement, Mobilization

To enhance citizen's knowledge and endorsement of sustainable pathways to realization of climate and environmental and human rights, and to mobilize and empower citizens in Somalia and globally to pressure their Governments on Such rights

Policy and Investment Influence

To increase government and private sector commitment at local and national levels to achieving post-pandemic economic recovery and social development through sustainable green growth and nature based solutions

Resilience and transformative livelihoods.

To accelerate post-pandemic economic recovery, livelihood security and social cohesion, Including conflict mitigation through innovation and adoption by communities, social groups, business of technologies and strategies using resilient green growth approaches and nature based-based solutions

Holding duty-bearers accountable.

To support civil society and citizens generally to actively monitor the compliance of the African governments, businesses and social institutions against their constitutional and international responsibilities to human rights in the context of environmental and climate justice and the post-pandemic recovery process