Our Thematic Areas

Campaign on climate change awareness

Climate Change Training in Baidoa, Somalia. 29/07/2021

Five Day Training on Climate Change, Environmental Degradation And Drivers of Pollution, Abudwak,Somalia 

Somali Greenpeace Association launches one student one tree project in Somalia

In world Environment Day 2021, SOGPA Planted 42 trees in Somali National University in Abudwak

Youth Empowerment

More than 70% of the Somali population are youth.  Unemployment are major Challenge to us.  We are consulting with the youth in achieving health and sustainable environment. 

Youth Consultation in Achieving Health And Sustainable Environment.

Youth Consultation in Creating better jobs for the youth

Marine Litter Prevention

Somali has the longest coastline in Africa with 3333 KM square. This long coastline is facing multiple threats from both local and international communities. Dumping of chemical wastage and illegal fishing from foreign countries an and plastic pollution from local communities are common problems.

We are striving to address these issues in a various platforms.

Awareness campaign in Jazeera beach, Mogadishu, Somalia